Nok Veeger


Certificering: Yogaplace Intensieve Docenten opleiding (RYT200), DNYS Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200)

Lessen: Ashtanga led, Student yoga
Locatie: Yogaplace Maastricht, Urmond, Sittard
Lesdagen: zie lesrooster


I am Worakamon Veeger, people call me “Nok” that is my Thai nickname. I was born and raised in a small village in the northeast region of Thailand with lots of rice fields, generous people and a peaceful environment. My childhood memories are filled with lots of fun such as; had very delicious foods from my grandmother after school, joining many of school-community events (parades, sport competitions, traditional Thai dancing shows, singing with school music band etc.), visiting temples on full moon days with my family and other people from the whole village where we chanted and listened to the preach, riding buffalo to our rice farm with my aunt (we used buffalo for ploughing), exploring different kinds of animals in the rice fields, camping in a small hut with my parents for a week to take care of the harvested rice until it finished. 

I moved to a big city to study. I studied Science and got a job in Bangkok as an air traffic controller. I have worked in several air traffic control towers for many years. I have graduated a Master degree in Social science. Through this study I have developed various aspects among society politics and humanity.

Moving to the Netherlands was a big decision. I was willing to experience my new lifestyle with full of hopes. Anyway I could not continue my career. Thankful to this situation I have discovered my childhood dream. I always wanted to study abroad in English program so I decided to study and have graduated a bachelor degree in Information Communication and Technology(ICT) Software Engineering majored. It was very challenging but I fully committed. I love studying with my ICT friends. It was a great experience.

I love exercising, reading, cooking and chatting with the gym members after work out. It is such a fun way to learn Dutch as well. I have become a group lesson instructor including Yoga. I meet my friends regularly to cook together and have good spicy thai foods.

My interest in Yoga has started because of one lesson I taught at the gym. I have bought books about Yoga and wanted to know more about benefits of Yoga. In 2018, I was very excited to study and have graduated the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200) from De Nieuwe Yogaschool (DNYS) in Amsterdam which included the fundamentals of Yin Yoga. I have broadened my knowledge in different flow of yoga classes by studying the advanced modules "Slow and Gentle Vinyasa Flow"(50Hr) with Simon Rowe and "Intelligent Sequencing Vinyasa Flow (Vinyasa krama sequencing for advanced practitioners)"(50Hr) with Daphne Koken at DNYS. Later in 2019 I have deepened my knowledge in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and graduated the Intensive Ashtanga Yoga Based Teacher Training (RYT200) with Yogaplace.

With deeply gratitude to all my teachers, I have developed as a human being and as a yoga practitioner/teacher. I have found peace from within through Yoga. I love teaching yoga because it is a spiritual practice. I have integrated yoga philosophy into my daily life and been very grateful to have opportunities to share to other people.

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