Eloisa Iskandar


Certificering: Authorised level 2 KPJAYI
Locatie: Yogaplace Maastricht
Lesdagen: zie lesrooster


I was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela, and started to practice ashtanga there with Liz Carrasquel in 2011. Since then I dedicated my life entirely to it, not only to the asanas but to the whole spiritual aspects that it involves. I used to practice other styles before, but it was this method the one that really made a difference in me. 
Since 2013 I started to travel to Mysore to practice under the guidance of Sharath Jois. His discipline and devotion for the practice were my inspiration to go deeper in this journey and continue to practice every single day. Since then I kept going to Mysore every year and in 2016
I received his blessing to teach the practice in his tradition.
Yoga helped me to become a more centered and focused person, cultivate healthy relationships with my family and friends, have a peaceful routine with less stress and become aware of the power from the actions that I decide  to take, because they are the ones that will transform my life.
Before yoga I used to be a preschool teacher in a constructivist school where teachers and kids builded the knowledge together by creating meaningful experiences that allowed the kids to apply what they were learning to real life and adapting every activity to their particular needs and interests. That’s why I fell in love with Mysore Style, because it is a place to build a practice which adapts to everyone’s particular needs and help them develop by allowing the practice to mold to every person’s different body and mind.
I started teaching Ashtanga  Mysore Style in the living room of my house in Barcelona in 2014 after that I decided to move with my former partner to Gdansk - Poland and we opened the first ashtanga school in the city, introduced the mysore style and builded together a community of practitioners. I have had the great opportunity of teaching with very experienced practitioners like Laruga Glasser, Przemek Nadoldy, Steve Laphan, Ricardo Martinez, and also assisted Sharath Jois in KPJAYI. 
The most important for me is that I’m married to the practice, I do it every morning without excuses, because I’m convinced that to share yoga with other students the most important is to have enough experience which is given by the self practice, this meaning not just the asanas but the practice of having a clean body a clean mind and a healthy lifestyle. 
Every year when I go to​ Mysore I assist to Philosophy and chanting classes with Dr. M. Jeyashree and Prof. M. Narasimha in Anatha Research Foundation, thanks to this I have learned to see reality in a more clear way and find peace in the most difficult moments.
In my free time I love to cook and share with my friends, watch stand up comedies, go the nature and enjoy a nice view, drink coffee, go for scooter rides and eat peanut butter with dates.

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