Newsletter English march 2 2020

Newsletter English March 2 2020

We start with online live lessons from next week!


Dear Yoga place student,

Thank you for being there because we can keep connecting. Especially in troubled times like this, yoga can provide us with so much inspiration and relaxation, strengthen us, strengthen our immune system, and give us the confidence to face the future with an open mind. Don't be guided by fear, but by love.

For the love of yoga and for you, Yogaplace offers an increasingly extensive curriculum online. We have worked hard behind the scenes to keep Yogaplace accessible to you, so that you can continue to take lessons from your trusted teacher through the video and podcast lessons, but now also through online live lessons through our lesson schedule.

We understand that you may have questions and we would be happy to answer them for you. Answers can be found in our two newsletters sent to you: Yoga place open online & New challenges & unlimited online offer for everyone.Via the FAQ page on the Yogaplace website. We are also ready to answer your questions via


How does it work with your subscription to Yogaplace from 1 April?

From April, as long as the studios are closed, you can follow UNLIMITED ONLINE & LIVE classes worth € 45 per month as a student of Yogaplace. With this you support the teachers and the yoga school, so that we can meet again in one of our beautiful studios.


What can you expect, what do we offer?

Unlimited online video and podcast lessons via our own YouTube channel. On the member page you will find all videos and podasts. Save this link. We are working on a personal login for each member.

Follow our online video and podcast yoga and meditation classes wherever and whenever you want and watch them back anytime.

Choose from different styles and teachers for plenty of inspiration from your living room.

Videos and podcasts are uploaded daily.

The videos will certainly become even more professional, clearer and more beautiful in the coming period. Thank you for your support and enjoy the lessons made with love for you.

We have already communicated this, but from now on you can also take unlimited live lessons online, follow your own lesson live from your mat at home.

Experience a personal connection through live images with the teacher.

Experience familiar lessons with a trusted Yoga Place teacher.

Choose day and time, style and teacher in the timetable for plenty of inspiration from your living room.

The live lessons offer starts with 15 lessons per week from March 30 and will grow as the spirit grows.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the lessons given to you with love.

Access to an online live lesson is in 4 steps:

-Go to rooster-2, Yogaplace's class schedule

-Click on "book now"

-Log into your My Yogaplace account and book your class in the usual way

-You will receive a login code / link from Zoom half an hour in advance via your email (check your spam!) Note: you can book the lesson up to an hour before the start.


The teacher will tell you what the content of the lesson will be. The teacher shows the poses or participates in the lesson and shows poses. This is different for every teaching method and teacher.

During the lesson there will be a teacher and a co-host. One teacher takes care of the lesson, as you are used to. The other is there to steer the technology in the right direction. You can choose to turn off your own camera. Then everyone only sees your login name and you can just follow the teacher's instructions, but remember that the teacher doesn't see you either. The co-host will provide instructions where necessary and you can ask questions during class. The lesson will be a bit slower than you are used to and time will be taken for the poses. This way we keep it safe together, just like in the studio.

We use the ZOOM Cloud Meetings program. You can download this program in advance on your laptop or tablet or smartphone (does not work very well), This app is free. Downloading the software is easy and the program is very accessible.


Some tips for following your lesson live online

It is useful to log in fifteen minutes in advance so that you can already test the image and sound. You will see that you cannot really enter the lesson yet, but you can already test.

It is also useful to leave your laptop on the charger so that you do not run out of battery.

Check in advance how you can best place your laptop so that you can sit comfortably and also follow the lesson.

Provide a mat, a blanket, meditation cushion and wear comfortable clothes.

A pleasant temperature in the room is between 21-23 degrees

Make sure you wash your hands before class, in case we touch our face during breathing exercises.

Tell your housemates that you need the next 60-75 minutes for yourself and that you don't want to be disturbed.

Turn off the sound of your devices so you can really focus on the lesson.

Make a cup of tea in advance, so that we can drink it together after class.



What is important during an online live lesson?

As soon as everyone is “present”, the teacher introduces himself and the lesson, and there is room to ask questions in advance.

When the lesson starts, the teacher sets the sound to “mute”; the microphones go out.

There is no music during the online live lesson, that disturbs the sound; if you like music, use your own playlist while you are on mute.

The teacher speaks, if you want to ask something you can raise your hand and then unmute. This is obvious and the teacher or co-host can answer your question.

Furthermore, the conditions apply for a lesson reservation via, such as for a lesson at one of the locations.

What online live lessons are there next week?

Thursday, March 26, the first meditation with Manon from 19:00 to 20:00. You are very welcome, book now.

Friday, March 26, the online live lessons are online for next week: rooster-2


Take care of yourself and your loved ones! And we hope to see you tomorrow, Thursday March 26 at 7pm in our first online live meditation class.


Love, Namasté,

Manon and the Yogaplace team

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