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We continue with online classes & come to your home

How do we support you today?
Together we are stronger, so we would like to show you around in our new online world that we have created for you through Yogaplace online.
Your yoga class can also be followed online in the coming months! You can take lessons from various Yoga Place teachers in our virtual shala. We like to stay connected through our own channel with videos and podcasts and our live stream lessons!

What do we offer online:
A single lesson as an option € 7.50
An unlimited monthly subscription € 45
An unlimited week lesson card € 15
A private session 60 min € 75
What can you expect online:
Daily live lessons with more than 25 lessons per week.
Choice of different yoga forms and different teachers. So there is always a lesson that suits you!
Unlimited access to over 25 online videos & podcasts that you can follow wherever and whenever you want
Private live sessions with your trusted teacher to build a personal practice, such as coaching during this time to maintain peace and stability and guidance in your practice, as well as helping to structure this changing time.
Weekly new classes in the schedule with Yoga Nidra classes (deep relaxation method) starting next week, extra evening meditation classes and very soon an introduction to yoga course.
Do you want to know more? Click here for practical information about online live yoga classes.



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