May I be filled with loving kindness

Proudly presenting a bag with true love!
Nancy Gilgoff is one of the first western woman Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois thought the Ashtanga yoga practice. She spreads the loving kindness meditation across the world. It has been a privilege to be her student and assistent in the past. Her knowledge and sharings resonate fully and influenced me becoming my own authentic teacher. I am grateful and thankful to have met her in my life, she touched my heart. Because of that I like to support a good cause she relates to.  

Nancy: ‘I am very concerned about the health of our oceans and the creatures that live in it.’ To stay close to our home I found this cause in the Netherlands: 
YP will donate 30% of the returns to them.

The loving kindness of true love.
Brahmaviharas are the four elements of true love.

They are called “immeasurable,” because if you practice them, they will grow in you every day until they embrace the whole world. You will become happier, and everyone around you will become happier, also. But we must look deeply and practice them for ourselves into our own lives and into the lives of those we love. Check in with how the mind feels when you center your mind on “infinite love,” “infinite compassion,” “infinite joy,” or “infinite equanimity.” there is a opening, an expansiveness. You step out of the reactive mind and drop into a calm, expansive mind. We are in challenging times. Can we go through the ups and downs of life with more peace? A yogi uses the template of life to constantly apply these practices. when one notices agitation, take pause. Allow the sense of the immeasurableness of love, compassion, joy, or equanimity to enter into your feeling body. 

If we practice these four we know how to heal the illnesses of anger, sorrow, insecurity, sadness, hatred, loneliness, and unhealthy attachments. Love, compassion, joy, and equanimity are the very nature of an enlightened person.

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Huidige maanstand

Huidige Maanstand
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