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Yoga sutras filosofie training YP20 | INTERVIEW

Vrijdag 25 januari t/m vrijdag 15 februari deelt Philip Rigo zijn kennis over de Yoga Sutras. 

Lees onderstaand het interview met Philip Rigo over deze training en laat je tijdens de Yoga Sutras Filosofie Training verrassen hoe duidelijk en helder de kennis over de yoga sutras door Philip wordt uitgelegd. De tijd vliegt voorbij, zijn kennis is immens en heel goed te begrijpen zodat je het in het dagelijks leven kan herkennen en toepassen! Een zeer waardevolle training die in goed begrijpend Engels wordt gegeven!


Why do Yogateachers / Yogastudents need to know mored about the Yoga Sutras?

Yoga-Sûtras are the chore of the Yogic philosophy. There is no Yoga practice that doesn’t refers to this beautiful text in one way or the other. Patañjali summarized all the different kinds of Yoga practices at his times. This text help to give some meaning to each practice we do and help us to understand the specific attitude of included in the Yogic philosophy. 

Can you tell something about the benefits or maybe the completion of studying the Sutras in relation to the asana-practice?
Âsana practices are described in the Yoga-Sûtras. As part of the Asthanga-Yoga practice âsana practises are not disconnected from the other tools of Yoga. In fact, âsana are able to hold and to integrate many other yogic concepts. The result of âsana practises is to gain stability. Once we got it, we can move deeper in our practices and understand better the meaning of prâna.
What was the moment you felt a deeper connection to the yoga Sutras
My connection in the sûtra came in December 2005 when I first went in Chennaï to study under the guidance of Kausthub Desikachar. I remember, we were studying on a roof, next to the mango trees. I asked him what is an ashaya. Kausthub took a mango leaf, spread it on a paper and told me : this is an ashaya. This period was very intense, we were studying the 4th chapter of the sûtras and in the meantime, I was accepted as a serious student in the tradition. I still have such a good memory of this time. Nowaday, I continue to catch up my knowledge with this great master whenever it is possible. 
What can student expect from the 4 days of you teaching the Yoga Sutras
Students are expected to gain a knowledge that will help them to understand the teachings of Yoga and will help them to have an horizon of practice. It is easy to stop our way by lacking a real vision. Studying the sûtras always help us to remember why we came into Yoga and what we want to achieve there.
Twijfel je of deze inspirerende training aan je verwachtingen voldoet? De eerste trainingsdag bieden we als introductiedag aan: €95,-  incl 21% btw
Datum: vrijdag, 25 januari 2019 t/m vrijdag, 15 februari 2019
Tijd: 11:00 (einde: 15:30)
Locatie: Maastricht
Docent: Philip Rigo
Kosten: € 490,00

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