Student Yoga Maastricht

Optimize your study results through Yoga

Studentyoga Maastricht 

Yogaplace Maastricht in Wijck offers daily (mo-fr) Studentyoga classes in English.
Synchronising movement with breath strenghtening your body and relaxing your mind
for a better focus and a healthy and happy life! 

Click here for the current class and times.


As a student in maastricht, you can apply for a student subscription at yogapace with your student card. With this subscription you can follow all student yoga classes.
This subscription only applies to students and is only valid for student classes.

You already have a subscription for 34 euros a month and with this you can take the student classes unlimited!

You are more than welcome to follow a free trial class. Book a class now at our schedule here or email for more information or reservation of a class. 

Student life

It can be tough. Start you new studies in a healty way! Get to know new people. Do you know about yourself you have trouble concentrating? Looking forward to some deep relaxation after a late night out? Try yoga! Benefit of Yogaplace’s special student offer in August en September 2019. Experience yoga for an attractive fee of €34,-/month. For this affordable rate, you can join up to three yoga classes a week. How’s that?!

Yoga classes for students, in English

Our student classes are taught in English and perfect for you, regardless if you are a yoga virgin or a seasoned yoga practitioner. At Yogaplace you practice a form of yoga that synchronises movement and breath. A yoga style that helps you develop physical, emotional and mental strength, flexibility and balance. It also boosts your energy levels, while ensuring deep relaxation. Your certified yoga teacher guides you in your practice, helps you enhance your postures, gives you tips and helps you respect your limits.

Are you interested in a class of Yoga for students? Register for a free trial class or subscribe directly. We require your student card as proof of your student status.

“Yoga enhances all areas of my life and I recommend it to everyone. Yogaplace is a high quality yoga school with some of the most qualified teachers in the Netherlands! I feel very grateful and blessed to be a student at Yogaplace.”

- David


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