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Optimize your study results through yoga

Student life can be tough. Are you tired of your studies? Trouble concentrating? Looking forward to some deep relaxation after a late night out? Try yoga! Benefit of Yogaplace’s special student offer and experience yoga the way it is meant to be for the attractive fee of €30,-/month. For this affordable rate, you get to join three yoga classes a week. How’s that?!

Yoga classes for students, in English

Our student classes are wholly taught in English and perfect for you, regardless if you are a yoga virgin or a seasoned yoga practitioner. At Yogaplace you practice Ashtanga Yoga, a yoga style that helps you develop physical, emotional and mental strength, flexibility and balance. It also boosts your energy levels, while ensuring deep relaxation. Your certified yoga teacher guides you in your practice, helps you enhance your postures, gives you tips and helps you respect your limits.

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Yoga for Students in detail


Yoga for students - all levels

Location Yogaplace Maastricht & Sittard (check availability)
Price Subscription
Class duration 1 hour and 15 minutes


max. 3x per week, from Mondays til Fridays
Level Starter and advanced Yoga practitioners
Days of classes Mondays til Friday, every day
Yoga teacher Differs
Perfect for you when You're looking for a way to help you relax next to your tough studies. It will help you concentrate better and completely forget about all the stress for a bit that comes with your studies
Goal To be able to help you relax completely for an hour and a half, so you can start fresh again with your studies and schoolwork

“Yoga enhances all areas of my life and I recommend it to everyone. Yogaplace is a high quality yoga school with some of the most qualified teachers in the Netherlands! I feel very grateful and blessed to be a student at Yogaplace.”

- David

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