Introduction Teacher Training Therapeutic Adjustments 1 (YP 5 Hours)

Datum: zaterdag, 26 januari 2019
Tijd: 13:00 (einde: 18:00)
Locatie: Maastricht
Docent: Manon Simonis
Kosten: € 97,50

Connecting beyond the physical body

This is an introduction to the full week training which will take place at the end of 2018. The ideal yoga adjustment ingredients involves experience, a therapeutic touch and the love of giving. The body and mind slowly open up and obstacles are removed. 

The poses, vinyasa, breathing and drishti follow in the tradition of my teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, as taught in Mysore, India. The understanding of the deeper meaning of these adjustments come from my friend and teacher Petri Raisanen, Helsinki, Finland. Also my experience in teaching through the 'eyes of my hands' and 1000 of students for over the last 15 years gave my the subtle insights to develop this beautiful skill.

Students don't need any previous adjustment or teaching experience to join in this weekend training. Language is Englich and Dutch.

The full training of 100 hours is devided over a full week (Part 1 - YP65 hours) 256 October untill 2nd of November 2018 and a weekend training (Part 2 - YP25 hours) from 23 untill 26th of November 2018. 

The full week training at the end of 2018 covers:

  • Safe and effective adjustment technique for most of the yoga poses in the primary and some poses of the intermediate series.
  • Working towards release of tension and realigning the natrual structure of each body.
  • Reading the body' the student's physical / mental limits and capabilities and breath and movement of prana.
  • Your own body awareness and attitude, being 'clean' in action 
  • Connecting to a clear and peaceful mind with full awareness

Bring: writing material, convenient clothing, towel, blanket to stay warm during the relaxation.

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