Yoga Sutra's filosofie training (YP20)



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Twijfel je of deze inspirerende training aan je verwachtingen voldoet? De eerste trainingsdag bieden we als introductiedag aan: €95,-  incl 21% btw

Laat je verrassen hoe duidelijk en helder de kennis over de yoga sutras wordt uitgelegd door Philip. De tijd vliegt voorbij, zijn kennis is immens en heel goed te begrijpen zodat je het in het dagelijks leven kan herkennen en toepassen! Een zeer waardevolle training die in goed begrijpend Engels wordt gegeven!


Patañjali’s Yoga-Sūtra is the most important ever composed text on Yoga. It has been composed by Patañjali to help humanity to remove their suffering by helping them to clear their mind. As the Viṣṇu-Puraa says : the mind is a cruel servant, the mind is a faithfull master. Without discipline and focus, we easily lose our ability to maintain our dharma (duties) and hence fall in a suffering circle. Contrarily, by maintaining a good life-habit (tapas), a daily self-inquiry (svadhyāya) and a positive behaviour (īśvara-praidhāna), we will ease the process of living a full life and get more and more abilities to expand in our potentials and create a virtuous circle that will lead our life in a good way. 

Patañjali present his own teachings throught 4 chapter. The first one is oriented to the steady student whose mind is clear and who can meditate on the highest. This chapter is very spiritual in essence and describe the highest state of the mind until the absorption with God. The second chapter is destined to instable people. He describes the practises from an unsteady mind until a clearer mind who is able to begin to meditate very seriously. This is where the first part of the aṣṭāga-yoga is described, along with the kleśa-s, the theory of karma. The third one, he explain the magical side of Yoga, all the siddhi (perfections, magical power) that can reach the sādhaka when he allow his mind to expand by focusing on a particular direction. The 4th chapter is the shortest one, but very beautiful. He explain the condition and the step to reach liberation, kaivalya

This training of four days will focus on the main concepts of these chapters by guiding the students throught the depth of Patañjali’s teaching in a very simple and joyfull manner. Presentation and discussion between the students and the teacher will be handled in a careful and competent manner to allow the student to deeply reflect on the beauty of these texts and inspire them in their daily practise. 

A program of 20 hours for continuing education on Philosophy Yoga Sutra (YP20). Continuing Education in Yogaplace for yogateachers and students

Philip Rigo

I began my yoga practice when I was 18, in 1998, while doing a master in Philosophy. I got my Yoga teacher certificate in 2005 while I was in India to meet TKV Desikachar and his son, Kausthub and proudly became his student. Since that time, I travel to many countries to teach and /or study Yoga (Estonia, Austria, France, Germany, New-Zealand, Netherlands.) and went more than 20 times to India. My master in Sanskrit helps me to understand the Yoga sutras texts. I finally quit my job as a school teacher to become a full time Yoga student and teacher in this tradition, as TKV Desikachar asked me.

At the moment I’m focussed on training future Yoga teachers and assist Kausthub Desikachar in his Therapy Training. For me Yoga is a discipline based on self discovery, health and spirituality. I find the strenght to teach in my practise, my relation to my teacher, the tradition and my beautiful family.


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